This is Emy and I’d like to welcome you to my new blog, Black Beans and Kale.

As a Cubana who grew up in the U.S., I have a very rich culture and heritage tied to food. I grew up not only loving food, but loving the ritual of sitting down for dinner every night with my family: Mama and Papa (my grandparents who raised me), my brother Po, my sister Lucy and my tios, Pepe and Yoyi. I continue loving the food rituals including our large family get togethers, which start off in the kitchen, move to the living room, and end back in the kitchen.

Continuing the food culture throughout my life, my tios and tias have had catering companies my entire life, my cousin Ana is a Chef and I even married a Chef! So yes – I know and love food…

Today, as a Health Coach, wanting to continue enjoying my favorite Cuban meals while being true to living a healthy and clean life, I find myself looking at the recipes of my favorite childhood meals and changing them up by incorporating healthier ingredients. Continue reading