Emy here again. I thought I’d talk with you a little bit about where I came from, what my passion is and how I work with others like you.

Having worked in the legal field over 30 years, earned a Master in Business Administration and raised three children, I know first-hand how devastating years of a stressful work environment and the responsibility of raising a family can be on both the body and the mind.

Knowing I had to make some radical changes to improve my health, I began my journey by changing my mindset from immediate gratification to get me through my stressful day, to looking at living my life through a more holistic approach by creating a balance between the body and the mind in spite of my stressful work environment and years of personal neglect.

This journey took me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I became a Life and Health Coach and am now at the Coral Gables Counseling Center  living my passion, teaching others the art of balanced eating habits and exercise.

What do I mean by “balance”? Balance is finding “your number”. It is finding that place on the scale where you feel your happiest and healthiest. I believe we all have “our number” on the scale because all of us come in different shapes, sizes and from different cultures. Someone else’s 120 is not the same as my 120. We have found “our number” when we are at our “healthy” best. Health comes from “our choices” not from “our number.” It comes from the foods we choose to eat, the “movements” we choose to incorporate into our lives, and the relationships we choose to build. My journey to a good, healthy life has been in search of “my number” and my passion now is to teach and encourage others, like you, to do the same.

My inspiration for the recipes and wellness tips here on Black Beans and Kale came from my place of happiness wanting to enjoy the Cuban food I grew up with but doing so while continuing to leave a “clean” and “healthy” life. And, well…of course…sharing them with all of you!

“To live a full, happy and healthy life is to live life not in deprivation but in joy.”

Emy Fernandez,
Life and Health Coach


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